Still the most common fence material used today, wood is the number one choice in creating privacy and security for the homeowner needing perimeter fencing. Wood fences are available in a number of styles: Single Panel, Picture FrameNEW3
(Sandwich Style), Alternate Board (Shadow Box), Alternate Panel. Wood fences allow for a great deal of creativity on the part of the homeowner. Together with your field representative you are able to use any of a number of combinations and the following is a list of possible options:



Building good neighbor fencing and working together with multiple homeowners or homeowner associations requires a special set of skills that are very present in our field representative team. We are a part of the DFW community and are
dedicated to its growth and well being.


Farrow Fence has long been on the forefront of fence installation methods, we set the benchmark in the industry and innovative techniques . We can also help you extend the life of your new fence through the professional application of any of a number of fence coatings and stains.

Being able to respond and allocate resources during emergency situations can be vital to homeowners. If you have experienced an emergency such as fire, storm, wind or security breech damage; we

will be able to respond quickly and offer you both short and long term solutions.